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Play: Clasa
Category: Spoken theatre
Author of the play: Mihai Razus

Direction: Mihai Razus

Organisation: EXCELSIOR THEATRE (Ro)

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CLASA is a dynamic show, performed by teens for teens, addressed especially to young people aged between 14-18, but, equally, to their parents. The performance represents a collage of moments that illustrate the problems, the dreams, the realities of a group of high school classmates. The themes the play is addressing are, among others, the marginalization, seeking refuge in the virtual world, the consequences of domestic violence on young people, the
tendency to commit suicide at this age, first love, the tendency to use drugs. The show combines the acting and pantomime technics with dance and video projections. CLASA does not lack humor and irony. The performance is part of a larger program that aims to educate young people through art. CLASA is a project that uses the social theatre performance as a method of intervention and encourages taking the stand, finding solutions to current and very pressing problems that teenagers face. CLASA being a group performance we can not nominate leading or supporting actors.